October is my very favorite month of the year for several reasons. One, of course, is Halloween. The other is the cooler weather that the month brings.


I really love cool weather. I don't like it when it's freezing cold and my fingers feel like they're going to fall off, and I don't like it when it's 100 degrees and I can't move without feeling as if I'm melting. I love it when the leaves turn orange and gold and start falling off the trees, giving me the urge to go out and dance around in them.

I'm really not sure why. I guess this weather just makes me that happy The smell of cold weather, dew on the grass and crunching below my feet of fallen leaves. Weather has a smell? 

Here at Sweet Echo - Plus Size Clothing we specialize in costumes and fun things to wear year round but especially for Halloween we get lots of great inventory in sizes 1x - 4x with cool dresses, petticoats and cardigans from Hell Bunny! We carry loads of their cute dresses, sexy unique styles and prints, stunning tops, and even accessories. We also have Plus Size and regular sized costumes from the following brands: Coquette, Dreamgirl, Music Legs and a few others.
This has to be my favorite holiday that you don’t get presents for. Halloween was always fun. I love dressing up and attending parties and events. I love the dark and spooky decorations I place around my house and I look forward to giving out candy this year.